MMM Ghana: Online Consultants Wanted!


Consultants will receive 450 dollars fixed salary rate per month for a 4 hour work schedule. On top of this fixed salary rate, consultants will enjoy flexible system of bonuses as well. Firstly, 10% referral bonus from those you have consulted and registered. And besides that you will receive leader bonus for contributions made by the members whom your referrals had invited.

So consulting is one of the best way to start a Guider’s career. Consultants will have the advantages in applying for Guider’s School. We are recruiting ordinary participants of our Community only.

If you are active, responsible and willing to develop in our community – don’t hesitate to fill the form to apply  and answer the questions under it!

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Active Participants Wanted!


Dear participants,

MMM Ghana is actively progressing at the moment. All the participants get paid. Having taken into account its past experience, the Community is getting more and more stable. We are constantly looking for new development paths. At the moment we would like to hire for remuneration active and responsible participants and guiders who can promote MMM Ghana online.

Please fill in the form to apply:

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